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Plumbing design

For liquefied propane gas (LPG) railcar transloading across Canada and the United States, NB Transit designs, installs and tests the entire plumbing system related to the compressor. Each plumbing system has a unique design based on the capacity of the existing or new compressor, and even for your present and future usage needs.

As experts in all types of transloading, NB Transit offers consulting services to learn more about your long-term plans. We then offer our advice how to best proceed by following a prudent, logical and structured approach method.


Reconstructing and improving existing systems


Because every transloading site deserves optimization, NB Transit works on all kinds of sites, whether it is still being cleared for construction or is on the verge of becoming functional. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience, we are able to detect potential safety flaws and act rapidly before a breakage or accident occurs. Each system is rebuilt and machined on a custom-basis.

Like in transloading site enlargement projects, each phase is planned according to a specific deadline. Plumbing designs take future enlargements into consideration, if necessary. Our high-performance systems can last up to 60 years.

Efficient & ecological


For plumbing connecting to the compressors, NB Transit choses the largest possible piping, which will limit strain and increase the number of gallons per minute. Flow is also maximized, thanks to full-lift safety valves.

Our compressors are composed of 3 sections which prevent gas emissions, thus protecting the environment. All installations are guaranteed against vibration and the plumbing surrounding each compressor is modern, clean and aesthetically appealing.

Personalized & autonomous


Each compressor includes electric components that indicate oil levels, compressor temperature, the presence of liquids, etc. Plumbing design is personalized for each site, depending on available space and compressors that may be added in a future project phase. Platforms are easily accessible to allow operators to move around safely.