NB Transit ensures the maintenance and repair of all their compressor and pump systems on railway transloading sites, including liquefied propane gas (LPG) distribution plans. The company also offers repairs for other systems all across Canada and the United States.

All emergency repairs or other scheduled maintenance will be handled quickly, thanks to our comprehensive parts inventory as well as mobile unit stocked with tools and replacement parts.


Customized maintenance


NB Transit offers all clients a maintenance program especially designed and personalized for the infrastructure on-site. We respect preventive maintenance schedules to avoid or limit breakage. All our installations undergo rigorous inspection based on a comprehensive verification chart.

In addition, all equipment is accounted in our computerized management system, allowing us to know exactly which parts need to be changed during maintenance or following a breakage. For all maintenance or repairs, NB Transit will visit your site.

Repairs & dismantling


As a provider of solutions adapted to your needs, our pump and compressor repair services are guaranteed. We also take the time to explain the reasons for breakage, the cause of failure or premature wear, and we take the necessary measures to prolong the life of your equipment.

NB Transit rebuilds compressors, improves valve structures and dismantles outdated systems. We also move equipment in the case of reconstruction at a new site, and ensure the previous site is cleaned according to state or provincial regulations.

Start-up assistance


In terms of preventive maintenance, all system start-up trials are done by NB Transit prior to the official start of operations. An hydro test on fixed reservoir consists of filling a reservoir with water with a pressure rating of 1.5 psi during a 15-minute period, allowing us to test system resistance.

Under such pressure, if there is a breakage or system failure, the reservoir will crack instead of exploding. A well-maintained reservoir can thus last up to a hundred years. Each maintenance, control or repair operation undertaken by NB Transit is managed and followed by an engineering firm renown across Canada and the United States.