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Consulting & training

NB Transit is more than a specialist in railcar transloading across Canada and the United States: we are also expert consultant for all new sites, both for small or large-scale operations. Benefit from our technical assistance or emergency telephone and online services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Personalized training is also offered to clients until all employees have received their accreditation cards, issued by relevant authorities. It is crucial that all operators working on-site be properly trained and observe the strictest safety standards.


Project management


Offering turnkey project management, NB Transit will take care of you from A to Z. Before starting a project, we ask all the necessary questions to understand your situation so that we can design sites that can be adapted for more pumps or compressors in a long-term enlargement project, if applicable.

At the beginning of the project, NB Transit obtains all authorizations necessary for the construction of a transloading site or liquefied propane gas (LPG) distribution plan. If necessary, we will meet with members of the urban planning committee as well as with fire department officials. Following construction, we will contact you to ensure your terminal productivity meets your expectations.

Evaluation of your needs


NB Transit offers exclusive LPG distribution and railcar transloading by compressor plans & solutions that are adapted to site owners' needs. In the goal of helping you grow or solve problems relating to your current system, we offer a personalized approach focused on your present needs and future plans.

NB Transit designs ergonomic and strategic plans that take both maintenance and safety into consideration. We can suggest and supply various equipment and solutions depending on the configuration of the site, such as long-distance level management devices, electric explosion-protection devices and long-distance valve control. We also recommend qualified electricians (class 1, division 1) for your installation needs.

Customized training


Customized practical and theoretical training is offered to clients as the project draws to a close. Each employee must be apt to work independently and be able to react in any situation.

We also offer consulting services for obtaining accreditation cards. If necessary, we will recommend further training in the event of an inconclusive evaluation.