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Corken compressors

NB Transit offers all different types of compressors manufactured by Corken, from the T91 to the T891 models. Over and above consulting and customized plumbing design services, we install compressor systems and undertake start-up in order to guarantee competitive transloading times.

As always, Canadian and American clients benefit from NB Transit’s 24/7 technical assistance services. Additionally, NB Transit manufactures various products corresponding to TC 51 standards.


Compressors suited to your site


All Corken compressors are enhanced to offer superior terminal yields and product life cycle. Depending on your site’s existing railway transloading plans, modifications to the compressor will also take future expansion into consideration. In the hopes of future expansion, NB Transit will anticipates the space necessarily for one or more additional compressors.

For your convenience, our 3-section compressors include an industrial base less than 1- inch thick and covered with sandblasting protection and an epoxy primer. For 10,000-120,000 gallon reservoirs on concrete bases, we can offer engineering plans for base construction.

Prevention systems


All modifications made to Corken compressors increase their durability, and also require less overall maintenance. The stainless steel belt guard is made-to-measure, designed to last and required zero upkeep.

Thanks to a bypass valve, start-up is a breeze. A high-level gauge automatically stops the compressor if ever there is an accumulation of liquid, thus guaranteeing the life of the compressor. Explosion-proof switches as well as thermal protection can be integrated into the compressor system. We will adapt to your requests and guide you in your choice of equipment.