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Electronic loading island

For liquefied propane gas (LPG) distribution plans, NB Transit assembles and installs electronic industrial loading islands that are strong, clean and adapted to clients’ individual needs. These turnkey management systems offer high-precision accounting of all LPG. The data is approved by Measurement Canada and the U.S. Office of Weights and Measures. NB Transit loading islands offer a flow of 100 – 3,200 liters per minute, depending on the needs of each individual client.


Coriolis meters


NB Transit has extensive experience in loading island installation and start-up equipped with Coriolis meters, offering cutting-edge technology in mass flow meters. NB Transit has intricate knowledge directly from the European manufacturer because early testing and start-ups are handled by our experts. All meters meet provincial or state stands in accordance with distribution plans.

Loading or unloading operations of trucks and trailers can be controlled from long-distance, regardless of the number of sites. The Coriolis flow meters indicate precisely the mass flow, temperature and liquid density, making it the most reliable meter available.