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Intervention & recovery

In case of emergency intervention, maintenance work or repairs, NB Transit will undertake the safe recycling of liquefied propane gas. Following an accident involving a truck, trailer or railcar, it is possible to completely empty the liquid content and recover residual product, avoiding liquid or vapor burns.

This technique is environmentally friendly and allows vehicles to be completely emptied of any gas content. NB Transit’s recovery methods allow trucks and trailers to leave the site immediately following the intervention without risk of fire or explosions. The recovery process creates no loss of liquid or vaporized product into the environment or for the client, because NB Transit warehouses the gas in a reservoir whose volume corresponds to the amount of recovered fuel.


Safe temporary systems


In order to avoid production downtime at a transloading site, NB Transit designs temporary connection systems when repairs need to be made. The company also installs emergency systems, offering remote controls with up to a 1 km radius that function without electricity and allow for emergency start-up or shut-down. In the case of a power outage, all valves close immediately. These electronic, cutting-edge systems greatly improve employee safety on-site.

Response units


Our NB Transit truck and trailer unit offers a large line of tools for emergency interventions of all kinds, whether they involve trucks, tanker vehicles or railcars.