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Liquefied propane gas distribution plans

NB Transit designs integral liquefied gas distribution plans for industrial propane companies across Canada and the United States. For an enlargement or a brand new site, benefit from personalized guidance throughout the life of the project up to the inauguration and the receipt of your employees’ accreditation cards.

We are the only transloading company across Canada and the United State to have designed and manufactured a turbine pump adapted 100% for propane use. Years of research & development have led to this unique model, which offers low-noise and vibration levels, is fully computerized and is equipped with a precise and efficient management system.


Specialized turbine pump


NB Transit uses ClydeUnion positive displacement turbine pumps, thus avoiding cavitation. Offering a life-expectancy of 75 years, these pumps require little or no maintenance. Each NB Transit pump is equipped with an electric motor adapted to required voltage and functions at a capacity of 6,000 liters per minute, offering higher productivity and superior yields compared to market standards.

The loading time for each truck is reduced by at least 75%, which translates into substantial financial gain for clients. A truck with an approximate capacity of 60,000 liters can thus leave the loading island after only 7 minutes, whereas other well-known systems require 40-50 minutes.

Safe systems and procedures


Our company uses safe methods and equipment for each LPG distribution plan. Even the placement of the existing pump is chosen to facilitate operator movement.

We can suggest and supply fireproof electrical components, available in our inventory. NB Transit also recommends certified electricians specialized in the installment of fireproof housing (housing 1, division 1, groups A, B, C & D). Your project can be completed rapidly thanks to our turnkey services including complete expertise under one roof.

Customized pump installation


When we install a turbine pump on your site, we undertake the start-up as well. This way, your guarantee is ensured for 1 year for the motor, followed by in-depth technical assistance. All tests and adjustments are completed prior to production.

For new sites, we use a turbine pump equipped with a 6" entry and 4" exit to achieve optimal and more rapid flow. For sites already in operation, the installed pump has a standard 4" entry and a 3" exit. Each pump includes solid hitch heads and a thermal element for heating in winter. The pump is installed a few feet from the ground to facilitate maintenance in any season.