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Railcar transloading by compressor

NB Transit specializes in railcar transloading by compressor for the entire Canadian and North American territory. Armed with over 20 years of proven experience in the railway, industrial propane and mining sectors, the company designs and installs integral transloading plans personalized to each client.

With NB Transit, you can transfer up to 5 times more liquefied propane gas (LPG) than the industry standards over the same period of time. Obtain much quicker return on investment thanks to our high-performance systems designed exclusively for your calculated usage.


Design and installation of customized compressors


NB Transit designs, installs, modifies and maintains LPG compressors for all railway sites. The company also creates customized plumbing design for each compressor, taking into consideration potentially influential factors, such as:

  • Clients' long-term objectives: expansion, redesign or restructuring plans;
  • Winter conditions: optimal ergonomics offering better accessibility;
  • Secure design: emergency stop, distance locking, open concept
  • Budget & deadlines.

Fixed transloading plans


Over the years, NB Transit has developed a sharp sense of planning, prevention and management. All aspects are taken into consideration to offer optimal transloading yields, and also account for every possible emergency or unexpected situation. Thus, fixed plans are designed so that the entire process is efficient, accessible and secure.

Whether your installations are already in place or still on paper, our transloading plans are designed and constructed according to the space available on your site, eventual enlargement plans and daily traffic. Employees can easily access each car’s manhole thanks to customized transloading catwalks and a platform that can be lowered to the desired level.

Movable and immovable towers


NB Transit’s catwalks and immovable towers can connect up to 10 railcars, avoiding the need to drop down between cars during transfer. Our movable towers, installed on trailers or trucks, allow for easy access to manholes and safe approach to railcars.

As solution suppliers and consultants adapting to the reality of daily work, NB Transit is here to design and build an entire site or improve an existing one. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve higher performance with our systems customized to your requirements.